10 Femtech Trends for 2023

Kathryn Tingle
5 min readJan 9

According to Nancy, the ‘picking up in the new year’ started today…Happy New Year fellow Femtech enthusiasts! I start every article the same, which is to thank you for your feedback on the previous instalments ‘What is Femtech and Why I’m Investing in a Trillion Dollar market’ and ‘Solving the fertility challenge through automation and personalisation’.

We saw our first Femtech unicorn in 2021 through Maven Clinic, I believe wholeheartedly that there are more to come in 2023. Today, I’m sharing 10 of my anticipated 2023 Femtech trends:

1. Hormone literacy

The rise of tech enabled hormone health solutions. In the famous words of Vivienne Parry “Whatever your age, or gender, whether you are petulant, spotty, forgetful, angry, or just a little out of sorts …someone is going to tell you, ‘it’s your hormones.’” Hormones have a bad reputation and have been the flippant scapegoat for many things however in reality, they’re far superior and intelligent than we’ve ever given them credit for. Hormones are responsible for regulating the body’s processes e.g., sleep, hunger, heart rate, blood pressure, conception, libido etc.

Hertility raised £4.2million seed to apply a precision medicine-based approach to reproductive health to determine whether a hormonal imbalance may affect your fertility or chances of getting pregnant by measuring thyroid and menstrual cycle hormones.

Dame Jess Ennis-Hill, London 2012 Heptathlon Champion recently founded a hormone intelligence and fitness app for women called Jennis. The app uses machine learning to adapt fitness programme and needs to women’s menstrual.

2. Focus on debilitating chronic illnesses

There are many chronic illnesses that impact women leaving them desperate for innovation. Women feel unheard and failed by traditional medicine. Their symptoms are often overlooked or ignored. This is exacerbated by the medical bias that exists as male physiology has been the default in trials and research. Companies that actively address challenges thrown by nuanced conditions affecting women’s…

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